Granites have always been considered a very durable and elegant solution to floors and walls giving the buildings an aristocratic and classy look. But it is not a very cost-effective option thereby it is not the primary option.However recently we have seen wide popularity for Granites tiles which can be attributed to 5 reasons:

  • Firstly, granite tiles are easy to install and it takes only a couple of days for the process. Your professional tile installers visit your home for measurements one day and install it the next day. It is extremely important for them to use precision when installing these countertops. The team uses a variety of tools to ensure the measurements are exact.
  • Secondly, granite tile is much more affordable than slabs of granite. Homeowners are choosing these tiles because of its economic benefits and durability. The reason why these are more cost-effective is that these tiles can be cut from smaller pieces of granite, and the installation costs much lower.
  • Thirdly, granite tiles are available in many color combinations. Some of the most common colors include white, beige, black and gray. All of these colors also have unique veining and each veining color is different based on the mineral makeup.
  • The fourth reason is its weight, granite tiles do not weigh as much as solid slabs of granite. This helps reduce the amount of support that is required to hold the weight of the countertop. When installing, tiles make the process easier and ensures that your countertops and home structure are secure.
  • The fifth and final reason is maintenance. Granite tiles are extraordinarily easy to clean. Simply use water and mild soap to make these tiles sparkle. Try to avoid using anything acidic on your tiles to avoid discoloration. You can call for professional cleaners to do the job to avoid any damage.

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